Meet the Goats!


Breed: Boer Goat

Birthday: 1/15/11

Sugar is my Doe named by my dear friend Shorty.

She is the most silent of my herd, she doesn't speak much. What she lacks in sound she oozes with beauty!! She actually resembles a mini cow and has the cutest swagger!

Sugar does not have a particular favorite snack, she likes to eat EVERYTHING!!! She's a good girl, always waits for me walking up hill after an evening graze.

She does not participate in the Yoga Sessions, but watches intently from the pen, sometimes striking a Yoga pose!


Breed: Nigerian Dwarfs Wether

Birthday: 5/28/17

Mantra is a yoga term meaning "a motivating chant".

Mantra participates in Goatoga and if you ask him, he will "shake" your hand!! He's not only handsome he is super smart. I also believe he has a crush on Sugar lol.


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Birthday: 4/15/18

Tiny Lucy is what we called her when we brought her home from Lakeside. She was a runt and her mama abandoned her forcing her to be bottle fed. We bottle fed her cows milk and kept her in the house with us for two months before introducing her to the rest of the herd.

If you ever heard of Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy then you will see she is perfectly named. She has a feisty, funny personality and strawberry blonde fur to boot.

Lucy the Goat is our Superstar! She's leash trained and loves advertisiting Goatoga on road trips!


Breed: Micro Mini Pygmy Goat Wether

Birthday: 5/22/18

Can't have a Lucy without a Ricky!

We found him on Craigslist and traveled all the way to Yucaipa to pick him up. He wasn't even two months old when we brought him home and he fit in my hand. We kept Ricky in the house with us too until he got big enough to be outside with the rest of the herd.

Ricky is super friendly and loves attention. He will "dance" for peanuts, just ask!

Coco Chanel

Breed: Miniature Silky Fainting Doe

Birthday: 11/15/22

We found and purchased Coco from a breeder in Ramona. She was 15 months old when we got her. I've always been fascinated with Myotinic (Fainting Goats).

She's very smart and adapted quickly to the rest of the herd.

Does she really faint?? You'll have to come and see for yourself!


6/26/06 - 5/12/22

Breed: Pygmy Goat

Newman, named after Paul Newman because of his dreamy blue eyes!! He was a wether which means he had been fixed and he was the Alpha Male of my herd.

Newman was with me since he was a 6 month old kid. At one point we called him Houdini because he would get in and out of his pen and no one ever caught him in the act!

He was super smart and will "spin" on demand for me for his supper every night. His favorite snacks were corn chips followed by peanuts in the shell, preferably salted.

Although he did not participate in the Yoga sessions, he could be seen watching from the pen, chewing his cud.

I was Blessed with his love and companionship for 16 years.


5/28/17 - 10/25/22

Breed: Nigerian Dwarfs Wether

Mooha is the Polish word for "fly".

Mooha was a wether and was really a sweet boy. He participated in Goatoga. Not much to say about Mooha, but I loved him just the same.


5/28/17 - 11/18/23

Breed: Nigerian Dwarfs Doe

Moola is a yoga term meaning "root or base".

Named her this because she was the doe of the triplets and females rock! She too participated in Goatoga.